Day Trips To The Pagasitic Gulf

Day Trips To The Pagasitic Gulf

Duration: 12 hours / Difficulty: Easy

Daily excursions to the Pagasitic Gulf with a stop on the island of Trikeri

Travel to Pagasitikos

Every Friday & Weekend (if weather permitting), in the morning, from April to May and from September to October, we sail from the port of Volos for private excursions (up to 8 people) with a tour of the Pagasitic Gulf to Trikeri , for swimming, walking and eating.

Please register in advance 3 days in advance

This program includes:

Water, soft drinks, coffee, fuel costs, VAT

The Pagasetic Gulf is a closed and relatively shallow sea formed between the main Greek peninsula and the peninsula of Pelion. In the bay of the bay, there is the port of Volos.

The bay has an area of ​​approximately 175 sq. Km. The entrance (entrance) of the bay is restricted to the south, towards the Evoikos bay and the Aegean Sea, between Cape Trikeri, Magnesia, (east) and the Cape Cross of the northeastern land strip of Fthiotida west), maintaining an opening of only 4 km.

The beaches of Pelion, both on the Aegean Sea and on the side of Pagasitikos, are famous for their clear blue waters, and many have been awarded the Blue Flag by the European Union.

The Pagasitikos is a warm sea and the dives can, of course, be allowed to arrive until mid-autumn. In short, we will introduce you to the most famous beaches in the area to have options for the baths in September and October.

Trikeri - beaches

They are located on the island of Palio Trikeri. Here stands the green sandy beach with the crystal clear waters (30 minutes from the harbor). The same beautiful scenery is repeated on the beaches of Afekta (where an old and now abandoned hotel dominates) and Agios Georgios. The two marvelous beaches are also approached by the monastery of Panagia with a downhill path.

West of the Ai-Giannis harbor with a 30-minute walk, you will find yourself at the beach of Agia Sophia. On the opposite coast, you will enjoy the pebbly beach of Alogoporos. Coming from Milina you will see from above the "miracle" of Tzastenis. It's hard to resist the charm of this unique sea corner and not to dare a swim in its delicious waters.

A beautiful island near the entrance of the Pagasitic Gulf, Palaio Trikeri - Kikiousos its ancient name - is an ideal place for walkers and lovers of the sea. The picturesque settlement - a station for those traveling by boat on the Pagasitic Gulf -, the monastery of Evangelistria, the small lacy beaches and the low - olive groves - hills compose the island's image, which does not circulate wheeled. On the west coast of the island, at the bay of Agia Sophia, remains of the Early Christian Basilica have been found. Palaio Trikeri is connected by ferry to Volos. Palaio Trikeri has 87 inhabitants. The highest peak of the island is 129 m.

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